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Sports - March 23, 2021

Things have drastically changed – Dembele

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The World Cup winner praised the current coach and his squad for implementing a new training regimen.
“I wanted to put in a lot of effort and support the squad, but I’ve been physically weak since 2017, but that’s all changed now. It’s better this year; I’ve made significant progress under the guidance of the physical fitness coaches. The way we practice and prepare for the games has changed.”

On the day before the deadline, the Frenchman was on the verge of signing a loan deal with Manchester United, but the two parties’ needs were incompatible, and the deal fell through. The French winger was seen working also on off-days during the International Break that followed the week the transfer window closed.
Ronald Koeman began the season with Antoine Griezmann on the right-wing, but he quickly realized that he needed to replace him.
This season, the 23-year-old has appeared in 34 games, 22 of which he has played for more than an hour. Despite a demanding schedule that has seen even the fittest players falter, Dembele has only missed five games due to injuries. These figures speak volumes of how hard he has worked.
The Frenchman will look to build on his outstanding season and continue to work hard.


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