Home News When a Ghanaian succeed, we pull him down, but when a foreigner succeed, its normal; we’re sick — Ken Agyapong
News - March 19, 2021

When a Ghanaian succeed, we pull him down, but when a foreigner succeed, its normal; we’re sick — Ken Agyapong

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The Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has asked Ghanaians to change their primitive way of thinking and embrace change in their life.

He said until Ghanaians renew their minds and stop plotting evil against their fellow Ghanaian struggling to succeed in life, it will be difficult for the country to develop.

“All of us are sick and we need a renewal of our minds. How come Lebanese, the Chinese, the Indian come here and make it? It is because they wouldn’t allow Ghanaians to destroy their business for them”.

The lawmaker noted that it is only people with a feeble mind who support foreigners to succeed at the expense of their own. “When a Ghanaian succeeds, it’s a problem but when a foreigner succeeds, that is normal. How is that possible and what sort of thinking is that”, he quizzes.

He continued, “If you’re a Ghanaian and you see your fellow doing well, you have to be happy and support him. Ask him how he did it and let him tell you but don’t deliberately bring him down. We don’t build a country like that”.

He made these remarks on Monday 15th March 2021 when he appeared on Kawku Annan’s “The Seat Show” on Net2tv.

According to him, the has come for all Ghanaians to have a renewal of their minds towards one another.

“There is a show we shall be doing soon which shall be a non-partisan programme and I’m urging all business people, employees and government officials to all participants when the time comes”.

He advises Ghanaians particularly the youth to have confidence in themselves. “Anything any man has done, you too can equally do it. The only difference between the Blackman and the white man is commitment. Whites are committed to the things they do but, we are not”.

Mr Agyapong indicated that three things that guarantee success in life are hard work, honesty, and the ability to save.

“Hard work would help you succeed in your business, honesty would take you to places and help you maintain your business relationships with people and the ability to save is key for survival when things go bad and also serves as a back up for a rainy day,” he intimated.

In his view, it is people who are not serious in life who spend too much time going to church. “You’re a fool to carry sugarcane to church that a pastor should pray on it for you. What is wrong with you,” he quizzed. “We are all created in the image of God, why worry yourself with some of these so-called fake pastors?”

He added, “I’m not against anyone going to church to worship his Maker but that should be done once a week. Don’t waste time going to church always because that wouldn’t add any value to your life. Worship your Maker once a week and use the other days to work hard.”

Ken Agyapong promised to dash President Akufo-Addo for one million dollars to help the country covid-19 vaccines instead of going to beg the Western countries. “Anytime the government wants the money I shall release it to help Akufo-Addo’s government procure Covid-19 vaccines to help save lives.

“I’m calling on all Ghanaians to help the government. We cannot always go begging other countries to help us. With all the resources we have, that isn’t proper. There are people who richer than I am, they should also donate to support their country. Support with your widow’s mite,” he stated.

He throws a challenge to all pastors in Ghana especially those who drive expensive cars and live in plush houses to also donate a portion of their wealth towards this worthy course to procure more covid-19 vaccines as it is done in other countries.

“If other country’s rich men can pay for the sponsorship of vaccines to developing countries, then I’m encouraging all businessmen to also come to the aid of Ghana. We can only develop if we change our mindset and support our own instead of being skin pain,” he emphasized.

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