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Entertainment - November 22, 2021

We need policies to guide radio presenters – Tommy Annan Forson

We need policies to guide radio presenters – Tommy Annan Forson

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Veteran Broadcaster, Tommy Annan Forson says the government needs to put policies in place to guide radio presenters on what can and cannot be said.

He noted that the radio space has become a free for all thing where anyone can say whatever they want so long as it sounds right to them, which should not be the case.

Talking to Rev Erskine on YFM’s Yleaderboard Series, he said, “I know some media houses have very strict policies on their news and presentations. But I believe that a lot of other radio stations do not have these policies.

“One of the policies I have always believed in is to train your members of staff and your on-air presenters on what to say, when to say it and where to say it”.

He emphasised that they need to know all these for them to mind what they say on the radio.

“I can tell you for a fact that some of them do not even know how to ask questions, they don’t know the art of interviewing, production and preparation, and a lot of people do not know that kind of thing”.

Mr Annan Forson said much as it will look like government is trying to curtail people’s freedom of speech, it is also important “for government to put in place certain policies.”

He explained that this is because “freedom of speech to a certain degree can be very dangerous, it can hurt people and damage companies so if we don’t have certain policies put in place, it will go against us”.

The ace broadcaster explained that “most radio station owners do not want to train their staff or teach them how to improve themselves as the majority of them look just at the money aspect, and this is how we have this waywardness going on.”

He explained that the poor act is affecting professionalism and lowering the standards.

“I can tell you that radio has taken a huge nose dive when it comes to being a professional on the air,” he said.

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