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Politics - August 3, 2022

The opposition would benefit if we unwind because the system is frustrated, according to Afenyo-Markin

The opposition would benefit if we unwind because the system is frustrated, according to Afenyo-Markin

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The New Patriotic Party (NPP) could give a windfall victory to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), according to Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin, if NPP MPs fail to interact with and appease their constituents.

He claims that as a result of the current economic trajectory, research from civil society organizations has demonstrated that Ghanaians have a lot of pent-up anger toward the government.

If not handled properly, he claimed, this may show up in the elections.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, he suggested that the best course of action is ongoing communication with the public to inform them of the situation and the actions being taken by the administration while also listening to their concerns.

“These are extremely difficult times. The frustration will show itself in the elections if you let any voids, and you will be ousted. I’ve always depended on data, and I don’t question research. As a result of the study we’ve been doing, I think I have a good sense of how Ghanaians feel about the current administration.

“We have a lot of frustrations out there, and we can’t run away from that fact. The opposition would have a windfall if we lay back. We have to work, we have to explain. The little we can do, we must demonstrate to the people that we mean well.”

He noted that the double whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war has left the economy spiraling such that the private sector is suffering a contraction, while the public sector is unable to absorb the excesses.

This he says is contributing to the unemployment situation.

“Look, covid struck, for almost two years the economy was at a standstill. Soon thereafter we had the Russian-Ukraine war. When initially it started and we were talking about it, people downplayed it, but today the cement factories are in need of cement paper to bag, most of these are coming from Russia.

“Ukraine is where iron rods and wheat are produced. The entire value chain is impacted. Ghana is not immune in any manner from the global economic crisis, he claimed.

He claimed that it was only natural for Ghanaians to blame the government for their problems and that MPs should therefore engage in continual dialogue to quell the boiling resentment.

“The average Ghanaian trader who goes to the market and has problems with his or her business must place the blame somewhere, and that somewhere is the government. The truth is that. Because who is to blame when people are frustrated? It’s not the opposition, the government.

So, for those of us in that privileged status, that is the time for us to work extra hard. And to me it hasn’t been easy. Three days ago I was in Winneba, up to 2 am we were meeting constituents in the villages, engaging them, explaining, talking to them, having 5am meetings,” he said.



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