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Entertainment - September 29, 2021

Seal Opened For the Launch of Jamusa Foundation

Seal Opened For the Launch of Jamusa Foundation

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17 years ago, my dreams on music seemed painted in the shadows.
Today it came out like a picture. I can’t speak for tomorrow, let tomorrow speak for itself. There is one thing I know for sure, that is, am chasing my dreams all the way up to the top, and nothing gonna stop me.
Getting into Detroit for knowledge and music, was indeed a good choice. Staying in music, doing music, and living music will avail my season for many good things. Matters of the heart are the treasures of the mind. Live life to the fullest and be yourself. Only then you can be happy.
Music has power over monsters they say, I believe in music cos it kept my heart still beating. Today, I break the seal off Jamusa foundation, to wipe away tears from the streets, feed the streets, and mother the streets.
This is just a little part of my contribution to the greater works of love.

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