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News - May 28, 2021

Francis Opare Aniagyei writes: I Am For Free SHS

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I’ve read a lot of comments about Free SHS, food served at the dining hall, and matters arising…I think as a teacher with 21 years of teaching experience, 13 of which have been in the SHS, I must add my voice, devoid of any political underpinnings.

In as much as some of us thought the FSHS was supposed to have been piloted before a nationwide rollout, it took off…it was at that point that I realized that a lot of thinking had gone into its conception and implementation.

As I speak now I doubt if there’s any school that has an inadequate number of teachers…every Track has its own teachers and when the track goes on vacation the teachers also rest…and we enjoy our salaries too (occupational benefit)…if some schools are having challenges we can’t put all the blame on the government and GES….have we investigated the school management?

With the issue of food, the truth of the matter is that when you give two cooks the same ingredients the meals will not taste the same.

Some of the Food Committees in the schools are not dynamic others too are non-existent…if there has been a meal on the menu that had been there since Guggisberg’s time but is not ‘relevant ‘ or not in season, change it.

If baking bread for every breakfast is expensive, try ‘toogb33’ or even koose for Hausa koko…if getting corn husk is expensive, prepare banks…we need to be innovative for the sake of the students in our care.

In schools where teachers are given breakfast and lunch, they eat the same food as the students.

Are we so angry at the FSHS that we want it to collapse and say, “we told you so”?
If there are issues let’s discuss them on a case-by-case basis and look for solutions rather than generalize it to bastardize the system, GES, and the government.

I will also urge you to ensure that funds are released on time to avoid some of these issues.


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