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Entertainment - July 14, 2022

Did Daddy Lumba “steal Wo Ho Kyere record,” according to Ofori Amponsah?

Did Daddy Lumba "steal Wo Ho Kyere record," according to Ofori Amponsah?

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There have been rumors for a few days now that Ofori Amponsah was upset with Daddy Lumba because the latter allegedly stole tunes that the former had worked on.

According to the sources, the singer insisted that the 1999 album “Wo Ho Kyere,” which was given credit to Daddy Lumba, was entirely his own.

Speaking on Prime Morning on Joy Prime on Tuesday, Ofori Amponsah claimed that while the album was a collaboration, the reports were not totally accurate.

Ofori Amponsah and Daddy Lumba are both depicted on the album cover.

He said that while Daddy Lumba appeared on only a few of songs and functioned as the executive producer, he created and sang all of the songs on the album.

Ofori Amponsah told the tale, stating that in 1992, after hearing Daddy Lumba’s tape, he first began working on the album Wo Ho Kyere with him.

But Mr. Amponsah put it on hold in order to concentrate on the church after the pair drifted apart for a while.

Ofori Amponsah claimed to have received the chance to work in the Despite studios after six years, though. They collaborated to finish the album.

“Daddy Lumba visited the same studio from Germany the day before I released the tracks. He heard my music being played as he was walking by and was impressed. That is what occurred; when I returned to the studio the following day, Daddy Lumba’s voice was on the song,” he remarked on Joy Prime.

The album’s release was then postponed, and Ofori Amponsah traveled to Germany, according to the singer.


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