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Entertainment - July 20, 2022

Burna Boy claims that “Last Last” has brought in more money than any other song.

Burna Boy claims that "Last Last" has brought in more money than any other song.

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Nigerian musician Burna Boy has revealed that he has made more money from his hit song Last Last than any other track he has released.

This comes barely a week after he disclosed that 60% of streaming royalties goes to Toni Braxton after he sampled the 2002  ‘He Wasnt man Enough For Me’ hit.

In an interview on Kick Game UK, Burna Boy said that after he made the comments, people assumed that Toni Braxton gets the majority of the funds made from Last Last.

But he clarified that the 60 percent only applies to a portion of the money the song will bring in.

“The 60 percent profits Toni Braxton receives are being misconstrued; she only receives a small portion of the total, not the full 60 percent. The song “Last Last” has brought in more money for me than any other in a short period of time, although I only released it a month ago.

This comes after Burna Boy claimed Toni Braxton owned 60% of the streaming revenues generated by his successful song “Last Last” after sampling her tune early in July.

He claimed in a podcast interview that he jumped at the chance to use that sample since he had always wanted to.

Burna Boy claimed he does not object even if it appears to many that Toni Braxton receives a portion of the revenue from streaming. He mentioned that a portion of the earnings from Last Last from other sources, particularly performances, still belong to him.

In May 2022, Burna Boy released “Last Last.” Fans jammed to the song all around the world, making it a worldwide hit.

At his sold-out performance in New York’s Madison Square Garden in April, he made his “Last Last” debut. He became the first musician from Nigeria to perform as the opening act at the venue.

Burna Boy said that he self-directed the music video in a recent interview. His Lagos house and other carefully chosen locales were used for the video’s filming.

Burna Boy considers his previous relationships in the song before deciding that everything will be well in the end.


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