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News - August 18, 2021

Angel Group of Companies Boss Dr. Kwaku Oteng On Why Men Should Marry More Than One Wife

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The Founder and President of the Angel Group of Companies Dr. Kwaku Oteng has defended why he had several wives despite being a Christian.

In his defense, he cites several individuals from the bible who married several women which turned out to be a blessing to them.

Kwaku Oteng believes that the discussions should center on whether men who marry more than one can afford and take good care of the women rather than about the number of wives they marry.

“I believe a number of people do not understand the bible well. It was Paul who suggested that if it is possible a man should marry one wife or none at all. So, when you consider the disciples at the time, they were all married to one wife. For Instance, Moses was communicating with God face-to-face but he had two wives…”

“So, marrying more than one woman is not a sin, someone may have only one wife and may be struggling to cater for her needs and her children. However, some of us who are married to more than one wife are able to cater for their needs and it’s not a sin.” He revealed in an exclusive interview with the latest edition of the Vaultz Magazine sighted by MyNewsGh.com.

Kwaku Oteng noted that it’s hypocrisy for men to keep concubines and be married to one wife indicating that it’s imperative for men to be courageous to bring in other women if they want to when they get married.

To the business mogul, he will rather father every child he has with a woman than hide his biological children because he knows how that can affect children when they are growing up.

Kwaku Oteng indicated that marrying more women carries God’s blessings because “you are catering for the needs of God’s creation” adding that “what gives the most peace of mind is marrying more than one wife.”

He disclosed that currently, he’s legally married to only two women but insisted that he does not play with his prayer life because that has been his biggest philosophy in life.


Source: mynewsghana.net

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