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Business - September 24, 2020

‘All 83 buses MASLOC gave us were damaged’ – Chairman of GPRTU

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Nana Nimako Bresiamah, president of the Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU), stated that it received 83 buses from the Microcredit and Microcredit Center (MASLOC) in 2019, which did not meet the purpose .

According to him, the buses shown to them “do not help the system” because they are not suitable for commercial purposes.

MASLOC delivered 83 buses to the Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU) in 2019 to work and pay within 3 years.

It is worth mentioning that MASLOC purchased these buses for private transport operators in 2016, but these buses were abandoned for many years due to high prices.

The vehicles purchased by MASLOC were abandoned because the original beneficiary GPRTU rejected the vehicles because the former management and the government exaggerated the cost of the vehicles by US$2 million.

A survey conducted by rainbowradioonlineline.com in 2017 showed that these vehicles will be used in commercial operations, including 100 33-seater buses and 250 cars.

These vehicles were purchased for GPRTU, but the transportation operators rejected these vehicles due to alleged overpriced. The buses will be purchased by GPRT​​U at a price of GH¢700,000 each.

But after renegotiating, GPRTU kept the vehicles at a cost of 300,000 guilders.

However, Chairman Nana Nimako revealed in an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio’s Kwabena Agyapong that GPRTU regrets to accept the bus because they were damaged before they were received.

According to him, buses are often damaged.

“Before we received the buses, the buses were damaged. I describe these buses as killer buses. They are not suitable for the purpose. It is draining our finances. The engine and other parts have been damaged. We are happy to dispose of them. Return the bus to the government so that we can rest assured. Every day some parts of the bus are damaged.”


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