Home News Yilo Krobo, MCE: “We are afraid to sleep in our homes.”
News - August 13, 2022

Yilo Krobo, MCE: “We are afraid to sleep in our homes.”

Yilo Krobo, MCE: "We are afraid to sleep in our homes."

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Mr. Eric Tetteh, the municipal chief executive for Yilo Krobo, has expressed worry over youth behavior in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality.

Numerous youth organizations from five communities in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality demonstrated in the streets against the Electricity Company of Ghana’s continuous installation of prepayment meters (ECG).

Young people from Kpong, Agormanya, Nuaso, Abom, and Manya Kpongunor made comprised the youth groups.

Following a dispute between locals and the power distribution company over alleged overbilling, the ECG began a mass installation of prepaid meters with help from some military and police personnel as part of a roadmap to improve the company’s revenue generation in the Krobo enclave. This sparked the residents’ outrage.

Mr. Eric Tetteh claims that the youth’s actions have driven him and his fellow Lower Manya Krobo MCE, Simon Tetteh, from their homes.

“In fact, my colleague in Lower Manya is unable to even stay in his residence,” he stated.

This, he said is because they are afraid of being attacked by the irate youth.

“What is very painful is that those of us who are championing this cause like the Chiefs and we the MCEs are being attacked by this youth here and there…all because there is this fight against ECG because there was over-billing. So I want the record to be set straight that Krobo’s have never said that we will not pay light bills. The youth who were agitating do not represent the views of Krobo – Krobo’s are good people.”

Prepaid meters installed at the home of Ebenezer Tei Larbi, the MP for Lower Manya Krobo, are reportedly missing in a related development.

According to reports, the individuals who removed the meter are unknown.

Mr. Tei Larbi said the meter was installed on his premises on Saturday after which he loaded it with GHC250 worth of credit. However, the device is nowhere to be found.

“I have heard that my residence has been disconnected but the fact is that the ECG had installed prepaid meters in my house which I did not kick against because I have always indicated that we would be paying our bills, the only thing that I have objected is the presence of the soldiers.

The identity of the people who took the meter is unclear, according to sources.

Mr. Tei Larbi said that the meter was installed on his property on Saturday and that he then added GHC 250 in credit to it. The gadget, though, is nowhere to be discovered.

“I’ve heard that my house has been cut off, but the truth is that the ECG installed prepaid meters in my home, which I didn’t object to because I always said that we would pay our bills; the only thing that I have opposed to is the soldiers’ presence.

The MP stated that the Police had been informed of the incident.

“I haven’t been there yet because they only reported it to the police yesterday. But I have no doubt that they are conducting their own inquiry. I believe there has been foul play, he declared.

Mr. Mahama, managing director of the Electricity Company of Ghana, confirmed the occurrence and added that those responsible for connecting the cables after the meters were removed. The ECG boss added that the development was regrettable.

He claims that ECG employees are powerless to intervene because they fear being beaten by residents.

The easiest way will be to use IT through smart meters to monitor the meters from a distance; if someone tampers with the meters, we will come and see you, he said, adding that as a result of these developments, ECG is “carrying out a policy and we feel this is an area where it will be difficult for us to even read meters.”

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