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News - February 10, 2021

Woman says she contracted coronavirus from a toddler after returning from school

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A woman who is currently recovering after she contracted the deadly coronavirus from her toddler has been sharing her story.

The daughter who returned from school with the virus-infected her mother 3 days later. Dorcas (Not real name) is currently in one of the Isolation centers; completely separated from her daughter for the past 3 days.

The daughter gained admission into one of the private schools in the Greater Accra Region soon after schools reopened but returned home with an extreme cough, little did her mum know it was COVID-19 until she started coughing herself.

“She started school and she was fine but she came and she had a terrible cough so I chose to not let her go to school in the days afterward because I felt she was exposed to anything before I knew it, I was also coughing because obviously, I am her primary caregiver I share a bed with her. Once she started coughing, I also started to cough.

“A few days later I had a very terrible headache that was strange. The following day I realized I was not smelling any of the sweet things I had in my room; I couldn’t smell anything I even wanted to put perfume in my nostrils so for me that was the signal”.

Dorcas opened up to Helen Ampiah Ampofo, a Co-presenter on the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show on her ordeal.

Dorcas’s daughter has quickly recovered and is with the dad at home whiles she (the mother) is recovering from an undisclosed facility.

“I missed my daughter”. She confessed.

Dorcas says she never had a fever but she couldn’t eat or smell so armed with these symptoms she took the test and lo and behold she tested positive for COVID-19.

According to her, “Initially for me, I thought of letting her stay with me in the first two weeks but I thought well it is a risk I have to take anyway and just hope the protocols will be followed so that everybody will be safe but now I don’t know if I am going to allow her to go to school”.

Source: 3 News

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