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International - August 16, 2021

The heart of Kabul becomes a ghost town

The heart of Kabul becomes a ghost town

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The heart of Kabul becomes a ghost town

A day after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s capital and declared victory, the streets of Kabul lie empty and deserted, according to reports.

Scores of carpet and jewellery shops as well as small cafes in the city’s Chicken Street have closed down. Business owners say they’ve taken the step to protect their goods. Some are concerned about where their next customers will come from.

“I am in a complete state of shock. The Taliban entering that scared me, but (President Ashraf) Ghani leaving all of us in this situation has been the worst,” one shop owner told Reuters.

Residents say that government offices are empty and the embassy district not far from Kabul airport is completely deserted, with diplomats and families leaving the country.

The Taliban has said people will be able to resume daily activities soon and one leader told Reuters that “normal life will continue in a much better way”.

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