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Business - March 26, 2021

The Auditor General’s report reveals $20 billion was stolen between 2017 and 2019

Between 2017 and 2019, a total of GHS 20 billion cedis was stolen or misappropriated by different Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, according to the latest Auditor General's report.

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General Auditor

Cash irregularities were discovered in Ministries such as Education, Roads and Highways, Jobs and Labor Relations, Health, and other government departments, according to the three-year report.

Cash irregularities totaled GHS 40 million at the Ministry of Education, while procurement irregularities totaled GHS 10 million. GHS 86 million was set aside for contract irregularities.

Cash irregularities totaled GHS 3.8 million at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, while payroll irregularities totaled GHS 20 million.

This compares to the GHS 6.97 billion cedis set aside in the 2021 budget for all government flagship programs.

The highest allocation is GHS 1.97 billion for the free SHS scheme, followed by GHS 952.6 million for Roads Infrastructure, GHS 852 million for Special Development Initiatives, and GHS 672 million for the Nation Builders Corps, according to Appendix 6 of the budget.

The report, which documents missing large amounts of money, procurement infractions and deals, and related questionable expenditures, comes after the government’s rhetoric about a concerted effort to tackle corruption.

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