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International - August 4, 2022

Taiwan claims that China’s rockets “copy” North Korea.

Taiwan claims that China's rockets "copy" North Korea.

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China has been charged for copying North Korea by launching missiles into the sea surrounding the island of Taiwan.

Taiwan reported that China has launched 11 ballistic missiles into the waters off its north-east and south-west shores.

After Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House, visited Taiwan on Wednesday, there were launches within a few kilometers from the coast.

China’s staunch ally North Korea has been charged with escalating tensions in the area by conducting numerous missile tests in recent months.

A very simple guide to China and Taiwan
What does “One China” policy entail?

China views Taiwan as a breakaway colony that it will someday retake, possibly through force.

For its part, the US does not formally recognize Taiwan. It does, however, continue to have a close relationship with the island, and sells Taiwan weaponry so that it can defend itself.

As a result, Ms. Pelosi’s trip to the island increased tensions, with China accusing the US of acting recklessly.

A day later, China started conducting military exercises and an unprecedented round of ballistic missile launches just off the coast of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s defense ministry responded by stating that it had activated its defense systems and was keeping an eye on the situation.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s foreign ministry charged China with “following the example of North Korea in intentionally test-firing missiles into waters near other nations.”

China also launched live fire drills, which are set to end on Sunday.

China’s missile launches and drills are taking place in some of the world’s busiest waterways, causing disruption to shipping lanes and flights to and from Taiwan.

Ships have been forced to re-route, with days-long disruptions expected to have an impact on supply chains with delays to global shipping.

More than 50 international flights from Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport have been cancelled.

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