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News - March 12, 2021

Samira Bawumia Is A Figure That Puts Fear In NDC- Richard Boadu

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Second lady Samira Bawumia has grown to become a figure that puts fear in members of the National Democratic Congress, Richard Boadu has remarked.

Richard Boadu who is a communicator for the Progressive People’s Party stated on the Wontumi Morning Show that the reaction of NDC MPs when the Speaker of Parliament acknowledged the presence of Samira Bawumia during the State of the Nation’s Address shows clearly that they are wary of the weight she carries in Ghana’s political space.

During the State of the Nation Address delivered by President Akufo-Addo, the NDC minority demanded to see Ramatu Bawumia after the Speaker acknowledged dignitaries present and mentioned Samira Bawumia.

In response to the minority bench, Right Hon Bagbin said: “Honorable members, I don’t know which of you has a girlfriend called Ramatu but we don’t have any dignitary here called Ramatu”.

However, Richard Boadu drew the attention of the NDC MPs that the current Speaker of Parliament is even married to the sister of his wife and for that reason, such matters should not be a focus.

Whilst acknowledging the presence of the first and second lady, the NDC MPs put out an attitude that is hard to understand. The speaker is even married to the sister of his wife and it is public knowledge. So what is wrong if the Vice President has two or three wives?” he quizzed.

He went on to state that the NDC is trying to make it an issue because “they are scared of Samira Bawumia”.

In his view, the second lady has become a force in our political space and for that reason, the NDC wants to tame her.

Richard Baodu described the second lady as someone who is “gradually becoming the face of Ghana’s politics because her communication skills are on top and that is what the NDC is scared of” and added that “she dresses well too.


source: wontumionline

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