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International - September 9, 2020

Robot dogs join US Air Force exercise giving glimpse at potential battlefield of the future

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A four-legged robot dog emerged from a US Air Force plane and rushed to an airport in the Mojave Desert, providing a possible preview of the future of war.

However, the exercise conducted last week was not a movie of the US military, but one of the largest high-tech experiments in the history of the US military.

A press release issued by the Air Force on September 3 stated that after the dog flew to a potentially hostile airstrip on the Air Force C-130 aircraft, it was sent to the outside of the aircraft to detect threats before the insiders could be threatened.

Electronic dogs are just one link in what the US military calls the “Advanced Battle Management System” (ABMS). It uses artificial intelligence and rapid data analysis to detect and respond to threats to US military assets in space, as well as possible attacks on the United States through missiles or other means.

US Air Force technical sergeant John Rodriguez (John Rodriguez) used the Ghost Robotics Vision 60 prototype to provide security during exercises at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

These dogs are called Vision 60 UGV or “autonomous unmanned ground vehicles made by the manufacturer Ghost Robotics of Philadelphia”.

It touts their ability to operate in any terrain or environment, while being suitable for carrying a series of sensors and radios on a fairly simple platform of a dog robot.

The company’s website states: “Compared with any other legged robot, even compared to traditional wheeled crawler unmanned trucks, the core design principle of our legged robot is to reduce mechanical complexity.”


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