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Sports - September 28, 2021

Report claims Spurs are ready to admit failure and make huge call of Nuno Espirito Santo

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Every manager needs to be given time to sort things out and put their own stamp on the team, but there are occasional situations where it’s just a total mess and sometimes it’s the easy call to make.

We all know that Nuno Espirito Santo wasn’t Spurs’ first choice to take over from Jose Mourinho, he might not have been in the top five, but he’s had a poor start and the convincing defeat to Arsenal may have put him on the hot seat.

A report from The Sun is already claiming that his job is on the line, but it’s hard to see where Spurs would actually go from here if they do sack him, as questions need to be asked of those higher up.

If a manager is sacked after a year or two then it can be accepted and everyone moves on, but if they are sacked just a few weeks into the season then it suggests the decision to appoint them was a disaster, and Nuno shouldn’t be the one to take the blame for that.

He’s inherited a mess of a club that’s still trying to deal with the Harry Kane situation so that’s not helping matters, while it’s pointed out that nine players who started yesterday were at the club under Pochettino, so that also hints at a staleness and a lack of investment.

If the Portuguese manager is sacked it’s hard to see anyone being completely shocked but it’s too early for all of this to be his fault, and it shows that change is needed behind the scenes. This might also be a situation where it’s easier to sack him than it is to change an entire playing squad, but who do they actually get in to replace him?

Perhaps someone like Antonio Conte could be attracted and perhaps he’ll get them going in the short-term before leaving it in an even bigger mess, so this may get worse before it gets better for the supporters.

Levy is running out of other people or things to blame, but you can be fairly confident he’s not going to look in the mirror for too long in his search for blame this time around.

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