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Politics - November 21, 2020

Rawlings will not be buried until NDC recaptures power – Party

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The National Congress of Democracy (NDC), Ghana’s largest opposition party, stated that its late founder and the country’s longest-serving president can rest in peace only when the party of which he formed returns to power.

NDC’s Upper East District Minister Donatus Akamugri issued a statement on Friday when supporters of the party held a vigil in Borgatanga to commemorate the late former President Jerry John Rawlings (Jerry John Rawlings) Lieutenant, a week after his sudden death in the capital of the country, Accra

“When we are in power, the cub must be buried. If our party does not return to power and bury him, he will be detained. If he wants to be buried, then he should be called for eternity during the election. When he died, we had three The election time is two weeks. Therefore, if we have to bury him when the election is approaching, his soul will not rest in peace. He is eager to vote for his party. Once he passes away, the election is not yet complete. We believe that he I hope we win the election and bury him. Leave it to us. If we don’t win the election, Rollins should keep it until the NDC comes back. Then we will bury him.

“And it is certain that in this election, we will win it because, in the spirit of Rollins, in the way he contributes to this country and people see what he has done, even his opponent is now called His angels, they will help his party regain power and then bury its honor. So, we in this country appeal to everyone, including our party members and those who give tribute to Rollins as an outstanding person, to He made sure that the NDC won the election, and then, the best commemoration of his party’s will to take power and bury him. At that time he will be welcomed by the Creator without any obstacles,” Akamugri said.

A senior politician, John Tia, paid tribute to Rollins at night, saying that he was a selfless man who lived for an ordinary life.

“It was JJ Rollins who said that Ghana belongs to all the people of Ghana. This is how the electricity flows to the north. That is how he develops our way. He sacrificed his life and developed this country. He believes in this ordinary person. He believes in freedom. “The former ambassador to Cuba and Minister of Information said.

Cadres recalled the 1979 uprising-from death guard room to power castle

Members of the Anti-Corruption Joint Cadre Front, which Rollins helped establish decades ago, participated in the vigil.

The cadre also paid tribute that night, looking back at a military uprising in 1979 and seeing Rollins

plucked from ‘the Guardroom of Death’ and projected into the ‘Castle of Power’.

“It was on the morning of 15th May, 1979, that the name Flt Lt. Jerry John Rawlings popped up in ecstasy and prominence. A highly charged group of junior officers of the Ghana Armed Forces made a revolt against the senior officers of the Ghana Armed Forces. Their aim: to restore the image of the Armed Forces that had fallen to very low ebb. The most profound statement made by Flt Lt. J.J. Rawlings was during their court martial where he declared as follows: ‘Leave my men alone. I am responsible for everything’.

“Facing imminent death by firing squad, another group of junior officers rescued him from guardroom and sent him to the Ghana Broadcasting House on June 4, 1979, to broadcast the overthrow of the military regime. Dubbed ‘house-cleaning exercise’, the revolt became popular, attracting ordinary citizens, students, market women, etcetera. Students left their classrooms and lectures to evacuate cocoa from the hinterlands. Discipline, integrity, hard work and justice delivery were the hallmarks of the era. Comrades, we can remember our founder J.J. Rawlings better if we adhere to his philosophy of probity, accountability, social justice and social democratic ideals of the National Democratic Congress,” said the cadres’ front in a tribute read by Comrade Francis Ayaaba.

The party is also scheduled to organise a “Probity and Accountability” street walk and a cleanup exercise in the region in honour of the departed “Champion of Democracy” on Saturday.

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