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News - February 23, 2021

Legislation not enough to deal with LGBT+ issues – Private legal practitioner

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Private legal practitioner, Alex Gyamfe has waded into the controversial matter of the establishment of an LGBTQI resource center and increasing advocacy for LGBT rights in the country.

Lawyer Alex Gyamfe, speaking on Radio Univers’s current affairs show Behind the Headlines, condemned the rise in LGBT activities in the country.

He blamed the breakdown of the traditional family system and the infiltration of western culture to the increasing advocacy for LGBT rights.

Lawyer Gyamfe says that legislation alone is not enough to deal with the issue, saying that the matter was quite complicated.

“There is no way that I will accommodate a gay than my wife or sister. The point is that we must let the world know that we don’t accept it. You see, there are certain issues that cannot be addressed by following the hard laws… I must admit that legislation alone will not deal with the issue. All these things are coming up because of the breakdown of our family systems and our moral values,” he said.

Lawyer Alex Gyamfe, however, said that he does not side with persons who argue that the European Union in Ghana disrespected the sovereignty of the country as it assisted in the creation of the LGBTQI resource center.

Lawyer Gyamfe mentioned that the concept of sovereignty is long lost.

“There’s nothing called sovereignty in this case. The whole idea or concept of sovereignty has taken away many years ago – immediately we became a globalized society. We have defined the whole business of sovereignty into a corporation,” he added.

Source: universnewsroom.com

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