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Business - October 31, 2020

Laws needed to support growth of entrepreneurship

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The lack of laws that support the development of entrepreneurship and job creation is the reason for the failure of young entrepreneurs in the country.

Dennis Ofosuapea, legal adviser to the National Youth Administration Council, said during the launch of the “drafting a bill to support entrepreneurship” in Accra on Thursday: “Although there are many scattered policies that should have been Support entrepreneurs to succeed, but this failure still exists.” Development and job creation.

When the bill named “Ghana Startup Act” is passed into law, it will support the success of young entrepreneurs.

Ofosuapea said that the main challenge faced by young entrepreneurs is the policy changes made by successive governments, and that the industry will become attractive and develop when the parliament passes these policies into law.

He said: “If these decentralized policies become laws passed by parliament, they cannot easily be cancelled just because another government takes over.”

Mr. Franklin Owusu Karikari, chairman of the “Startup Bill” committee, said that the goal of the committee is to draft the bill into a law passed by Congress by the middle of next year.

He urged the media to become active members of the election campaign, because journalists are most needed to make efforts to achieve their predetermined goals.

The event is led by the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, in cooperation with Ghana’s Young Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce, Ghana’s Entrepreneurship Network, Ghana’s Hub Network, i4Policy and Private Enterprise Foundation, and is funded by GIZ Make IT.


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