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Sports - April 12, 2021

Klopp On Aston Villa and Momentum For the Rest of the Season

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Liverpool are fifth in the Premier League as of this weekend and after the epic highs and lows of this weekend’s game, it’s no wonder that everyone speaking about it has been doing so with a palpable sense of relief. We’re obviously not going to talk about VAR or the first half of the game. Instead, Jurgen Klopp wanted to focus on what this and the Arsenal win mean for Liverpool’s momentum going forward.

When asked if he felt the team had turned the corner, Klopp said the following:

“That’s what you hope for! But obviously the Arsenal game, you are right, was really, really good and today it was some of a little bit the same old story: we played well, but we make one mistake – which is not the biggest mistake in the world, but big enough to give them the opportunity to score and they do. Next minute we score the ‘equaliser’, which was a great goal: a great pass, great play [and] all these kind of things and then you get the information that it is offside and not by much.”

“So you go in at half-time and it is a little bit like the same story again, but we decided long ago that we accepted that this is kind of a bumpy season for us but we have to strike back again and again and again – and the boys did,” he added.

“It took a while until we scored, but we created chances before that and then we scored a really nice goal – forced it, if you want, with Mo’s header. And then in our situation it’s a little bit like that, we had to increase the risk. We took a centre-half off, brought on Shaq and then scored this wonderful 2-1. It was the best goal for ages emotional-wise and so we are really happy about the three points.”

The catharsis of the second goal can hardly be overstated, especially when considering the scoreline that we saw in the reverse fixture back in October. Hopefully the momentum keeps building and the Reds secure that much needed top 4 spot at the end of the season.

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