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International - August 30, 2020

France Daily Increase of Corona Virus Cases

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France has recorded the largest daily increase in the number of coronavirus infections since March, but French President Emmanuel Macron is still cautious about the nationwide lockdown, considering it may cause economic consequences hurt.

The French Ministry of Health stated that the number of cases in France has increased “exponentially”, with 7,578 cases on Friday, 6,111 cases on Thursday and 5,429 cases on Wednesday.

Although the morbidity rate has risen sharply, the young people who constitute the majority of new cases have weak resistance to the virus. Although the daily morbidity rate has risen sharply, the daily mortality rate in the hospital is relatively stable.

Soon after the figures were released, Macron said: “We are doing everything we can to avoid being blocked again, especially across the country. Containment is the most primitive measure to fight this virus.”

He warned that the second blockade would thwart the country’s fragile economic recovery, but added that it would be dangerous to rule out any situation.

Like other hard-hit Western European countries, France suddenly imposed a strict blockade in March, during which time most residents were confined to their homes. After a sharp drop in infections, this restriction was gradually lifted from May 11.

The authorities are now looking for ways to limit the spread of the disease without a new lockdown. On Friday, Parisians were ordered to always wear masks outdoors in the capital.

France has confirmed more than 30,600 deaths due to COVID-19, with a total infection of 304,907, which is the third-largest death toll in Europe after the United Kingdom and Italy. Experts say that due to limited testing and other factors, the confirmed numbers underestimate the true impact of the pandemic.

But the government is implementing its plan to return 12.9 million students in France to classrooms starting from Tuesday, which is seen as an important step towards returning to normalcy.

Despite the increasing number of infections, France’s beloved professional cycling race in the Tour de France continued a three-week trek across the country on Saturday.

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