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Business - November 9, 2020

Bui Power Authority gets mandate to develop renewable energy

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The right to develop renewable energy and other clean energy alternatives in the country.

The Minister of Energy, John Peter Amewu (John Peter Amewu) explained the reasons for the bill to the House of Representatives and said that the government passed the enactment of the 2007 Bouy Electricity Authority Act (Law No. 740) in 2007, establishing The Bui Electricity Authority, whose mission is to develop hydroelectric power projects in the black regions of Bui’s Volta and any potential hydroelectric power stations on the Black Volta River.

He said that the Authority has shown sufficient institutional capacity in the field of renewable energy and has successfully expanded the hydropower initiative. However, the auditor has repeatedly made its continuous investment and development in renewable energy illegal because it is not within the scope of its authorization.

Therefore, the Department of Energy proposed the bill to solve this anomalous problem and provide legal support for agencies that implement and manage renewable energy projects and other clean energy alternatives.

The Chairman of the Mining and Energy Commission, Emmanuel Akwasi Gyamfi, said that the revised law will enable Bui Power (its current only off-taker is the power company in Ghana) to directly engage Other utility companies or customers execute power purchase agreements.

He added that this will introduce competition and help increase Bui Power’s revenue.

He said that Bui Power’s mission is to establish an operating company for the country’s Nuclear Energy Program (NEP) and become the main interest of Nuclear Power Ghana Limited (NPG) with the Volta River Authority (VRA) and Ghana Atomic Energy Corporation. Stakeholder Energy Council (GAEC).

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