Home Entertainment Big Ivy after the Mummy Dolarz feud: In my 20 years of acting, I never experienced this kind of popularity.
Entertainment - July 30, 2022

Big Ivy after the Mummy Dolarz feud: In my 20 years of acting, I never experienced this kind of popularity.

Big Ivy after the Mummy Dolarz feud: In my 20 years of acting, I never experienced this kind of popularity.

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Big Ivy, the newest internet sensation, says she is overwhelmed by the comments and encouragement she has received online in response to her song “Big Momma.”

She claims that Big Momma, the song that gave rise to the Ghanaian actor’s spat with Mama Dolarz of Nigeria, has made her more well-known than her acting profession ever could.

Big Ivy admitted during an interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz that she enjoyed rap growing up but gave it up to concentrate on obtaining her degrees and pursuing an acting career later.

She mentioned that over the years, she has participated in numerous projects, including YOLO, Things We Do For Love, TV Theatre, Home Sweet Home, and Abiba.

She said that she had never discussed her love of rap until she recently had a conversation with her son, the rapper CJ Biggerman.

I’ve been acting for almost 20 years, but I’ve never been this well-known. This world has a lot of tension, therefore we are utilizing social media to de-stress so we are having fun, she said on Friday. “I am shocked mainly by social media; I wasn’t expecting it to be this huge, I really like it, it is noise,” she said.

Big Ivy said that although while she doesn’t always have people lining up to meet her when she goes out, she now has a large following on social media.

She continued by saying that as a result, she is now in a position to serve as an example for anyone who could be motivated by her story to achieve their own goals.

This comes after Big Ivy and Mama Dolarz’s lyrical rivalry heated up this week when the former released a new song criticizing the latter.

When CJ Biggerman decided to work with his mother on a song titled Big Momma as a way to honor her, the feud began.

Some Nigerians who read the imaginative post joked that their mothers will surpass Big Ivy.

A new Ghana-Niaja dispute began when Nigeria’s Mummy Dolarz, with the assistance of her son comedian Oluwadolarz, recorded a track criticizing Big Ivy.

Big Ivy returned to the studio and delivered a new track for Mummy Dolarz before waiting to be outdone. The Nigerian is getting ready to respond as well.

Big Ivy revealed how she and her son combined their knowledge of literature and love of reading to create lyrics for the Big Momma song that are fun, meaningful, and rhyme.

We talked about what should keep the same and what should be changed after he wrote for me after I urged him to allow us do something creative. We look at what he has written and say, “Let’s fix this, this doesn’t rhyme,” while I sit in the studio as he writes. I am quite picky about the lyrics and don’t want to utilize them.

Big Ivy stated that she will soon release a single and an EP.

She claims that the single’s release was delayed when the

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