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International - August 19, 2020

Biden’s work at the conference

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Focus on some clear goals. Suppose voters know less about candidates than you think. Biography trumps policy, but the gold standard has combined the two. Personal glimpses are more valuable than political recommendations. And have been looking forward to it.

These are the main guidelines for a successful national political conference. In the past week, strategists from both sides I have spoken to have often participated in planning a meeting, and these strategists often cite these guidelines.

For the 77-year-old Joe Biden (Joe Biden) who first announced his election as president for 50 years, he claimed his party’s presidential nomination. These experts said that these rules condense a priority of the Democratic convention that began on Monday night. Task: Prove that he is related to the challenges in life

Public affairs consultant Erik Smith said: “One of the challenges for people like Biden is that you have been in the public eye for so long that you are considered a suit.” “This is an obstacle that Joe Biden must overcome. He must figure out how to make himself more intimate with people so that they can understand his true identity, not just a 77-year-old white man who has taken office. 50 years.”

When the conference began, Biden was in a historical position as a challenger in many ways. In President Donald Trump’s national and battlefield polls, he has maintained the lead. In the spring of this year, he was slow to react to the coronavirus pandemic and his belligerent attitude towards racial justice protesters, and his approval rating has dropped to more than 40%.

But Biden’s own personal rating is at best mid-level, especially among Americans under 50. Many Democrats admit that he is still skeptical about his understanding of his life and challenges.

Many analysts on both sides believe that removing some doubts and persuading them to treat Biden as more than a professional politician with too many wrinkles may be more important to the former vice president this week than to maximize the “bumps” of traditional customs. “And expand the lead in the horse race with Trump. Republican strategist Scott Reid said that for Biden, showing his vision for American life today is “his greatest challenge.”

Reid should know: He served as a campaign manager in the 1996 Bob Dole presidential campaign. Bob Dole is another elderly candidate with long experience in Washington. He faced and (also ended in failure) the test of relevance that Biden faced today. Indeed, Dole’s experience in 1996-when he tried to face his age concerns at the convention, and inadvertently handed his opponent, then-President Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton) to his re-election-provided Biden with A warning story week.

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