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International - September 8, 2020

Biden and Trump take aim at each other as Labor Day election sprint begins

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On the 56th day before the election, it finally started to look like a day.

Traditionally, the presidential election was launched in the fierce final stage. This year’s Labor Day showed an excessively high starting quality, because both candidates began to personally elect voters, but the outline of the competition quickly hardened.

The failed current president, Donald Trump, entered the final battle on Monday and launched a violent attack on the front steps of the White House. As he tried to maintain the support of the Midwest and South, he was mired in white politics of dissatisfaction. He visited Florida and South Carolina on Tuesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) began a new phase of face-to-face campaigns and stopped quietly in Pennsylvania because he defended the most stable unconditional voting lead ever.

The picture of Labor Day seems to encapsulate the race that has entered the final stage under historical circumstances. Trump used the White House as a campaign stage and boldly violated the code of ethics, hoping that his large-scale attacks would attract or drown his competitors-to some extent, he has successfully forced Biden to defend himself so as to avoid him. Incite riots or decline in spirit.

When asked by a local television station in Pennsylvania that Trump accused him of “losing a step,” Biden said: “Look at his footsteps, look at my steps.” “Look at how I ran on the ramp, he was How did you stumble on the ramp, okay?”

Biden hopes to turn the election into a referendum on Trump’s character-in part by allowing the president’s words and actions to defend himself. He held a social meeting on the grass in the backyard of his supporters, and then a virtual meeting at the AFL-CIO headquarters, which did not seem to cause a sensation.

Everyone sent their running partners to Wisconsin-the location of the most recent racial riots after the police shot and killed a black Jacob Black-and also heralded a fight against the upper Midwest, which at least partly involved issues of race and violence . When Senator Kamala Harris met with Blake’s family, Vice President Mike Pence insisted: “We will have law and order in every city in this country.”



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