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Sports - August 14, 2021

An open letter to GFA President, Kurt Okraku on match-fixing

An open letter to GFA President, Kurt Okraku on match-fixing

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Due to your busy schedule, Ghana’s football Excellency, I will not bore you much with pleasantries.

I listened to your speech at the Division One League Super Cup launch. There were mixed feelings, and I could feel that from your voice.

A man who was instrumental in your campaign to become GFA President, Jones Alhassan Abu had just passed a couple of hours ago and was buried less than five hours before you mounted the stage to speak.

Those of us who had our ears close to every camp in the build-up to the 2019 GFA Presidential elections is very much aware of the role he played.

Even, if he did absolutely nothing, the ‘Game Changer’ which reverberated across the football sphere and still does, was one he dropped with ease and the team bought into it.

He was an excellent figure in your professional life just as Lepowura MND Jawula. So, his demise was going to affect your first public appearance and tone.

Accept my condolences for his departure to his maker. We love him, but Allah loves him more.

The other part which was quite exciting for you, but you could not express it much, was the aspect of launching the Super Cup.

Many would agree that our Ghanaian players do not meet the minimum number of matches required per player per season and every attempt to give them more matches deserves a commendation.

Mr. President, congratulations to you and your Executive Council.

I noticed you did not lose an opportunity to speak about the alleged match-fixing in the just ended domestic competitions which sullied your product.

Betting companies and punters were accused, and you described them as ‘faceless cowards’ and promised to come after them.

Mr. President, you hit the right chords; the sternness in that voice and the passion to eradicate these things that affect the sanctity and spirit of the competitions must be fought hard.



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