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Politics - November 18, 2020

Akufo-Addo is an embodiment of corruption – Sammy Gyamfi

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Sammy Gyamfi, a national communications officer at the National Congress of Democracy (NDC), said the anti-corruption struggle under the leadership of the Akufo-Addo government has failed.

He said this was raised after the resignation of special prosecutor Martin Amidu, who cited the intervention of the presidency as one of the reasons for his departure.

Sammy Gyamfi said in a tweet: “We have elected President @NAkufoAddo, which is the embodiment of corruption. A president has fought against all the critics who dared to show up in public, who dared to reveal that he was monitoring Corruption. His cup is full. The fight against corruption has failed. Sad. #NanaAddoIsCorrupt.”

Mr. Amidou resigned on Monday, November 16th for various reasons.

In his letter to the president, he said: “For me, it is stated for record purposes and contrary to public opinion, my appointment letter is on February 5, 2020 (that is, two (2) after me). Year) received. Agreement).

“Since my appointment letter was issued on February 23, 2018 to the date of my resignation, the recipient of the copy has not fulfilled any appointment conditions regarding his remuneration and appointment benefits. Since the appointment, the deputy special prosecutor has not received it either. Any remuneration, and because I ignored it. It is necessary to correct this situation for her.

“The events of November 12, 2020 gave me the sole protection from the threats and plans targeted by the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions anti-corruption assessment report and instructed me to immediately resign from the post of special prosecutor. “I usually should not announce my resignation to the public in person, but the painful experience I experienced from October 20, 2020 to November 2, 2020. At that time, I conveyed in a letter on page thirteen (13) about the following The conclusions and opinions of the risk analysis in terms of aspects. The Chairman of the National Security Council on the “Agyapa Royalties Transaction and Other Reports Related to Corruption and Anti-corruption Evaluation”, as the Chairman of the National Security Council, warned against the Ghanaian public and Ghana I immediately resigned from my post of special prosecutor while paying attention. World.

“The reaction I received for daring to produce the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transactions anti-corruption report convinces me beyond any reasonable doubt that I was not intended to exercise any independence as the Special Prosecutor in the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and recovery of assets of corruption. My position as the Special Prosecutor has consequently become clearly untenable.”

Meanwhile, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has vehemently denied interfering with the work of the Special Prosecutor Mr Martin Amidu.

Mr Akufo-Addo in a statement reacting to these allegations said “Your accusation of interference with your functions simply on account of the meeting the president held with you is perplexing.

“In exercise of what you considered to be your powers under Act 959, you had voluntarily proceeded to produce the Agyapa Report.

“The president had no hand in your work. Without prompting from any quarter within the Executive., you delivered a letter purporting to be a copy of you report to the president.

“The purpose of presenting a copy of the Agyapa report to the president is decipherable from paragraph 32 of your letter to the president in which you indicated that you hoped the report will be ‘used to improve current and future legislative and executive actions to make corruption and corruption-related offences very high risk enterprise in Ghana’,” the president said in a statement responding to the accusation against him by Mr Amidu who resigned from his post on Monday.

We elected a President @NAkufoAddo who is an embodiment of corruption. A President, who has fought and oppressed all critical voices who’ve dared to expose the rot he is superintending over. His cup is now full. The fight against corruption has been lost. Sad. #NanaAddoIsCorrupt

— Sammy Gyamfi (@SammyGyamfi2017) November 17, 2020


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