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International - September 5, 2020

After wild week, Trump looks close to full derailment

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For many weeks, the Trump train looked like it was about to jump on the track. However, in the seven days since the Republican Congress, the president may have been close to a period when he was completely derailed.

The anger, conspiracy theories and dramatization are so fast that it is almost impossible to believe that Donald Trump can last another eight weeks before Election Day. However, as Democratic candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) began a business trip and proposed another concept of sober presidential leadership, the events of recent days have clarified the issues of personality conflict and determination of race.

On Thursday, even the President and the White House seemed to think that his suggestion might be too much, as North Carolina tried to vote twice to test election security, potential criminality, and the president’s most recent attempt to treat the election as illegal. . Opinion polls show that he might lose. At a rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday, Trump once again stated that mailing ballots is a “disgrace”, accusing dogs of receiving them in the mail. He suggested that his supporters “pay attention” to their votes, and if their votes are not listed, then vote.

It’s just the latest signs that shocking developments are the norm during Trump’s presidency. After returning to Andrews Air Force Base from a rally on Thursday night, he denied that he had mocked the sacrifices of the American war dead and put the White House press on hold. Aside. After publishing an article in The Atlantic on Thursday about his belittling soldiers, he again insulted the late Senator John McCain. CNN has not independently verified the “Atlantic” report.

Biden issued a statement saying that if the allegations are true, it will be “another sign of how deep the differences between President Trump and I are over the role of the President of the United States.”

Trump will trigger a new commotion as soon as possible. It is clearer than ever that the platform on which he ran for this post was his own brutal behaviour, which made his hyperbolic claim to see suburbs tortured by rioters in the Democratic presidency-not the RNC’s orchestrated politician style.

No president in modern history has participated in a re-election campaign, warning that the process of selecting a government that is the cornerstone of American democracy is illegal. Trump’s behaviour may bring about a full post-election constitutional crisis.

In addition to the North Carolina commotion, Trump also claimed this week that rioters dressed in dark coats lingered across the country. He appeared to justify the action of the young guard who killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He denied that he had suffered a series of “strokes,” which sparked speculation about his health. Intelligence and briefings indicate that Moscow is also spreading misinformation about mailed votes in order to compromise the integrity of the election. The President and Russia appear on the same page again.

Trump also visited Kenosha, the nearest city in the United States, where a black man was shot and killed by the police due to racial tensions and protests. The city became violent. Trump did not bring reconciliation, but seemed to shut down black pastors who were about to talk about racial injustice. He compared the brutality of a policeman who shot armed blacks to golfers with that of a “three-foot putt.”

Experts say Trump’s false statement about mailed votes not only poses a threat to fraud but also harms the election.

As always, the president has ignored the worst domestic crisis since World War II. The pandemic has killed 185,000 Americans and continues to grow.

On Thursday, a few hours after the final death figure of the previous day showed another 1,000 lost Americans, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany played House Speaker Nancy Pay at the beginning of the briefing. Losy’s video does not wear a mask. The speaker’s mistake caused her to receive the false accusations that she deserved, which is a bad mistake. However, this is not the biggest crisis facing the country and needs to be resolved by the White House. The White House has repeatedly stated a serious lack of seriousness during the pandemic.

Nonetheless, although Trump’s continued destructive behaviour and refusal to play the role of traditional president have frightened Beltway’s elites, this is what makes him attractive to supporters who have long succumbed to traditional politicians. The reason. The more he attracts the media, the more his base and conservative media cheerleaders like it. The question is whether a president who seems to be

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