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Sports - November 26, 2020

Abedi Pele is the only Ghanaian player who comes close to Maradona – Dan Kwaku Yeboah

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Ace Sports Broadcasting Company Dan Kwaku Yeboah has identified Abedi Ayew Pele as the only Ghanaian football player to border the great Maradona.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb, Kwaku Yeboah said that like Maradona, Abedi Ayew has agile feet and can easily dribble to break his mark.

He pointed out that Abedi unfortunately did not win the 1992 Ballon d’OR.

“Abedi (Abedi) is a Ghanaian player close to Maradona. Unfortunately, Abedi failed to win the World Player of the Year award. He was supposed to have won the game in 1992, but due to the rules, he could not win the game. He and The Olympic Marseille won the Champions League together and finished second at AFCON in 1992, so he could have won the championship.”

“I remember in 1993, when they changed the rules and allowed players from other continents to compete, Weah won the championship, so Abedi could win the championship in 1992. Abedi is an excellent player,” he told Ghana.com.

A spokesperson for the Standardization Committee said that Maradona’s death was a major loss in football.

“This is a big loss for football. Maradona should live a long time because he is a role model for many emerging football players. He said: “I think he should live a long time, but God knows best. ”

Dan Kwaku Yeboah also said that although young football players cannot replicate his off-field life, people can learn a lot from his performance on the field.

He believes that Maradona has demonstrated sufficient skills and leadership skills to be described as “Endless Time” (GOAT).

Maradona died in Argentina on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 from a heart attack.

The 1986 World Cup winner died at the age of 60. The President of Argentina announced three days of national mourning for the legendary player.


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